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US slashes refugee limit to all-time low of 18,000 . But Kneading machine focus on product safety .

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-03-14 10:48:46

US slashes refugee limit to all-time low of 18,000

"This is a very sad day for America," said David Miliband, head of the International Rescue Committee non-profit group.

"This decision represents further damage to America's leadership on protecting the most vulnerable people around the world. It has no basis in logic or need, damages America's interests, and tarnishes her values."For humanism ,US shouldn’t has done so .


   As a main chemical reaction of the typical production equipment ,Kneading machine focus on product safety .

Kneading machine is a kind of chemical product for processing elastoplastic materials with high viscosity . It has complete functions , cariety and vide application .  Meanwhile , it is suitable for Plastics , Rubber ,Silicone ,Dyes , Pigments , Inks , Food base , Pharmaceutical agents Building coatings , Carbon , Fiber element and other industries .

(1) In adding to the oversize kneading machine the chassis mode is generally adopted for easy installation .

(2) In the transmission system ,the mini kneading machine adopts turbine or cycloidal pinwheel reducer ,the large kneading machine adopts the gear reducer . The transmission system and the host work smoothly so that the nise  is small and the service life is long .

(3) In order to ensure the purity and quality of the product , the agitator paddle in contact with the material and the inner wall of the agitator are made of stainless steel .

(4) The shaft seal has advanced structure and good sealing effect .

(5) Centralized electrical control (Including main engine operation ,Hydraulic pour material .Hydraulic lid ,and termostatic control and accurate temperature control and temperature display .

Foshan  Jin Changtai Machinery Co. , Lid . is a high-tech private enterprises ,specializing in the producing and wholesale various types of kneading machine .

Our company has a history of 23 years in the machinery industry . It is your choice to purchase glass glue equipment , vacuum kneader equipment .

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