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Secret: structural performance of gravity-free mixer

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-07-22 16:58:31

Gravity-free mixers are believed to be clear to the people who have used them, but with the requirements of the product characteristics and the replacement of the equipment, conical mixers, horizontal ribbon mixers and coulter mixers are followed. Etc., as a typical powder machine, the gravity-free mixer can perform solid-solid (powder and powder) mixing, solid-liquid (powder and liquid) mixing and drying, and can also be used as a reaction device. We can design and process according to your requirements.


1) Let's take a look at the structure and discharge method of the gravity-free mixer:

      It consists of a horizontal cylinder, a transmission mechanism, and a double-shaft agitating paddle. It can also be equipped with a Ssangyong patented crushing rod. When working, the two shafts rotate in opposite directions to drive the blades at different angles to circulate the material in the axial direction and the radial direction. Turning, under the action of high line speed, the material is thrown up and falls in the state of weightlessness (ie no gravity), and the materials are cross-mixed to achieve uniformity when thrown and dropped.

    The discharge port is divided into a large opening type and a small opening type, and the large opening type discharging is quick and no residue. The advantages of this machine are wide application range, high mixing uniformity and short mixing time.

2) Performance characteristics:

      Compared with other mixers, the gravity-free mixer has the advantages of short mixing time, wide adaptability and no damage to the mixture material, no pressure feeding and grinding on the material, and good adaptability to the mixing of the coarse material and the fine material. The gravity-free mixer produces a cross-interlacing, blending, diffusion and other composite motion in the body without destroying the mixture, so that the material can achieve the best mixing effect in a short time.

    In fact, no matter what kind of powder mixer, when users need to use the mixer, the most important thing is to understand the production process and equipment selection, not only to ensure the quality, but also to ensure the output! thank you all!

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