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The performance characteristics of the horizontal mixer U-axis U-type!

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-10-27 11:08:35

The horizontal mixer is generally a single-shaft U-shaped ribbon mixer in powder machinery. It is mainly used in the mixing of powder materials. The spiral of the ribbon is used to convey convection through both sides to form a flow mixing, and the mixing is relatively uniform.


    The single-axis horizontal mixer is driven by the motor to drive the specially arranged ribbon spindle to rotate. The external screw rod moves the material to the center but the inner screw rod pushes the material to a certain position or end plate. Interdiffusion, convection, shearing, misalignment and radial movement, so that the material achieves a uniform mixing effect in a very short time.

      So what are the main performance characteristics of horizontal mixers? Mainly: 1, the loading factor is large, the equipment footprint is small: 2, when mixing sticky or cohesive materials, cleaning is more difficult. It usually takes about ten minutes for the powder to mix. There are three kinds of discharge methods: manual double ribbon mixer, electric double ribbon mixer and pneumatic double ribbon mixer.

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