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Single and double spiral mixer structure, you should know these!

Author: source: Datetime: 2021-05-12 10:05:12

Regarding single and double spiral mixers, I believe many people know that this is called powder machinery. However, users are producing certain products. First, they must understand the production process, selection size, operation precautions and maintenance of the products. In this way, not only can the machine be well protected, but also the quality and output of its own products, which is quite good.

       Then we should first understand that conical mixers are generally divided into single helix and double helix, the structure is vertical, but due to its own mixing and mixing principle, although the structure is the same, but the working mode is different, the following is a double helix Mixer to get a simple understanding of the structure and mixing characteristics of the device:


1) Double helix mixer structure:

      Mainly by the rapid rotation of the two asymmetric cantilever spirals, the material is lifted upwards to form two asymmetric spiral flows from the bottom to the top of the cylinder arm. Rotary arm-driven spiral revolution

2) Mixed functions:

      The material outside the spiral enters the stud envelope to different extents, part of the material is lifted by the dislocation, and the other part is thrown out of the stud, so as to achieve the continuous renewal and diffusion of the material in the full circumference orientation, and the two materials in the upper part are mentioned. Converging toward the central pocket to form a downward flow of material that replenishes the bottom cavity to form a convective cycle

3) The effect of the mixer:

      The utility model has the advantages of short mixing time, high production capacity, uniform mixing, low use cost, high efficiency, convenient and quick discharging.


4) Applicable fields:

      The spiral mixer has wide adaptability to the mixture, and does not cause delamination and segregation on the mixing of heat sensitive materials. It does not crush and grind the granular materials, and various particles and fibers such as coarse particles, fine particles and ultrafine particles. Or the mixing of sheet materials is also very adaptable.

     I believe that everyone will have a little impression after simply understanding the spiral mixer. Relatively speaking, we should know how to choose the model, and hope to help everyone. As a manufacturer of more than 10 years, we have a good reputation in Guangdong, and we cannot do without the support of everyone. Thank you. !

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