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Professionals! Resins blending systems made in JCT

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-21 08:23:01

blending systems

Resins blending systems is main resins systems, Resins blending systems can be understood as resins mixing system,and do you know what is the main resins mixing equipment in Resins blending systems? that\'s resins mixing tank,we can call it reactor,Resins blending systems as a main resins production system, it can play a good role in resins production line.

blending systems

Resins blending systems is included in resins production systems, apart from Resins blending systems, it can also include heating system,cooling systemfeeding system and other operation.Resins blending systems is equipped with 4KW-4P anti-explosion motor and reducer, with pivot motor-rack, it can ensures the safety to some extent.Resins blending systems adopts mechanical seal,it equipped with DN400 quick open manhole DN100 sight glass.

blending systems

Resins blending systems is a necessary parts in resins production system, we usually adopts automatic type,we\'re a reliable Resins blending systems and equipment supplier,we can provide the warranty for 3 years! JCT Resins blending systems your best choice!

blending systems

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