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Wow! welcome to look this type of sigma ink mixer in JCT!

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-21 10:41:31

sigma ink

As we all know, the sigma ink mixer is a kind of chemical mixer, which can be customized according to client\'s request, we will deliver the sigma ink mixer soon if we have sigma ink mixer in stock. In general, we have 5L sigma ink mixer on our conference room, if you want to make experiment if necessary. JCT sigma ink mixer, you can consider JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd!

sigma ink

JCT sigma ink mixer is also called kneading machine on chemical mixing equipment market. if you want to purchase sigma ink mixer from us, we can sign a contract, then, we will arrange our technology process.the finished sigma ink mixer can be made about 45 days,as for the terms of payment, we usually accept the T/T in advance, l/C or other ways.

sigma ink

JCT sigma ink mixer can be widely used in silicone sealant, silicone rubber, adhesives, BMC,ink,dye, plastic and other industries, sigma ink mixer is suitable for high viscosity material material.About the capacity,heat and cooling way,discharging way,sealing and other configuration of sigma ink mixer, we can customize the suitable sigma ink mixer type on your request. JCT sigma ink mixer, you best choice!

sigma ink

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