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Reactor design and mixing paddle function!

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-06-06 15:39:01

In the previous time, Jin Qitai also mentioned about the maintenance and maintenance of the reactor, the precautions, the structural performance of the design and the mixing blade, etc., in order to let everyone better understand our products, and more to help everyone in reality. The problems encountered, and more friends are welcome to participate in the discussion, continue to say the reactor design and mixing paddle function.


1) Reactor design:

The reactor design generally has a cylinder, a transmission, a stirring function, a vacuum system, a sealing function, a capacity, etc. These are non-standard parameters, and the size must be customized according to the needs of the user. In general, more than 3 tons of jacketed heat transfer oil reactor is more energy-consuming. The outer half-tube reactor can be used for heat-conducting oil design. Because the material needs high temperature, it can reach 180-300 degrees, which can be good for materials. The reaction by endothermic achieves a good effect.

2) Paddle form:

      There are mainly paddle type, anchor type, frame type, ribbon type, turbine type, dispersing disc type, combined type, etc. According to the different blade design, it can have different effects on various materials. Generally, the anchor paddle The type and combination are more common. In other cases, the reactor design should be carried out according to the product characteristics.

3) Stirring paddle function:

      The various types of mixing paddles mentioned above are the original technology of Jinyitai, and other mixing forms can be customized. When the kettle body is heated or cooled on the outside, the different mixing materials can be used to disperse and mix a variety of materials, and the polymerization reaction can be better carried out while the material absorbs heat. Different stirring will have different effects. .

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