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You should know the structure and working principle of these machines!

Author: source: Datetime: 2021-05-06 10:03:49

Nowadays, the powder machinery can be said to have been updated. People's requirements and functions for powder equipment are getting higher and higher. It is hard to imagine how the intelligent machinery is after decades... Now let’s talk about it. The structure and working principle of the single-shaft double-spiral mixer hope to help everyone.

     The single-shaft double-spiral mixer is a kind of cone structure with two asymmetric propeller blades. It can repeatedly raise and mix a variety of materials during movement. The mixing effect is more thorough, and the discharge is bottom discharge. More convenient.

  The double helix mixer is composed of main components such as the body, the rotor, the casing, the discharge door, the discharge control mechanism, the transmission mechanism, and the liquid addition system. The body is made of carbon steel, and there are two inlets on the body, one for the main material inlet and the other for the auxiliary material inlet. The hollow side sandwich structure of the inner and outer wall panels is adopted on one side of the body, and the space in the middle communicates with the upper and lower parts of the body. When entering and discharging, the discharged gas can be circulated up and down without gas and dust spilling out of the machine.

      Working principle: The injection time is after injection, and after the injection is finished, continue mixing for 1~1.5 minutes.

      The rapid rotation of two asymmetric spirals in the single-shaft double-spiral mixing cylinder lifts the material upwards, forming two asymmetric spiral flowes along the wall from bottom to top, and the spiral rotation of the rotating arm makes the spiral The external materials enter the stud envelope at different degrees, some of the materials are lifted by the misalignment, and the other part of the material is thrown out of the studs, so as to achieve the continuous renewal and diffusion of the materials in the circumferential direction, and the two materials mentioned above are centered again. The pockets merge to form a downward flow of material that fills the voids at the bottom to form a convective cycle.

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