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Introduction to the classification of reactors

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-06-01 09:55:23

Nowadays, the times are developing rapidly. No matter what products are rushing to update, it is urgent to introduce new products. The main reaction equipment in the chemical industry is also the same, and the reactor is also being updated and improved.

    The reactor has also evolved from a single stainless steel reactor to the current enamel reactor, 316 reactor, PTFE reactor, etc. With the progress of the update, the application range is also widely used in petroleum, chemical, cosmetics, rubber, pesticides. , dyes, pharmaceuticals, food and other production and research.


So what is the classification of the reactor?

    1. According to the heating/cooling method, it can be divided into electric heating, hot water heating, heat transfer oil circulation heating, far infrared heating, outer (inner) coil heating, jacket cooling and coil cooling in the kettle. The choice of heating method is primarily related to the heating/cooling temperature required for the chemical reaction and the amount of heat required.

    2, according to the material of the kettle can be divided into carbon steel reactor, stainless steel reactor and glass-lined reactor (enamel reactor), steel liner reactor.

    3. According to the internal pressure during work, it can be divided into atmospheric pressure reactor, positive pressure reactor and secondary pressure reactor.

    4. According to the stirring form, it can be divided into paddle type, anchor paddle type, frame type, ribbon type, turbine type, dispersing disc type, combined type and the like.

    5, according to the heat transfer structure, can be divided into jacket type, outer half tube type, inner coil type and combination type.

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