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Prevent electrostatic hazards of reactor!

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-10-13 10:49:20

The reactor is a comprehensive reactor vessel. According to the reaction conditions, the structure, function and accessories of the reactor are designed. From the beginning of the feed-reaction-discharge can be completed with a high degree of automation pre-set reaction steps, the reaction process of temperature, pressure, mechanical control (stirring, blast, etc.), reactant / product concentration and other important parameters of strict control.

In daily production, the harm of static electricity can not be ignored.

resin production line

1. Avoid mixing and co-transporting water and reactor media, avoid mixing and co-transporting different media, avoid co-transporting liquid media, oil and gas and compressed air. Even if the tank is dehydrated, pay special attention to dehydration before feeding.

2, jumper. The floating roof and the tank wall should be bridged. Pipeline and valve, flowmeter, filter, pump, tank used insulation or corrosion when the time to jump.

3. Grounding. Storage tanks and isolated grounding must be able to protect the earthing of lightning and grounding.

4, control medium injection mode. The media should be injected from the bottom of the tank to avoid the injection of media from the top of the tank. If the missing medium is to be injected from the top of the tank, the outlet of the pipeline should be inserted into the tank at a depth of 200 mm from the bottom.

5, control the medium velocity. The greater the flow rate, the more likely to generate static electricity. The safe flow rate of the reactor oil in the pipeline v = 0.8 (1/d) 1/2 (d is the diameter of the pipeline, V represents the average flow rate).

6. Fill in inert gas. The explosive gas mixture can not be formed on the oil surface of the tank when the nitrogen content in the tank is reduced by filling the tank with nitrogen protection. Even if the electrostatic discharge sparks are generated in the tank, the tank safety can be guaranteed.

7. Add antistatic additives. The addition of antistatic additives greatly increases the conductivity of the medium, so that the electrostatic charge inside the medium can not accumulate, and quickly leaks to the earth through the overload grounding.

8, install electrostatic eliminator. An electrostatic eliminator is installed at the end of the pipeline, and charges opposite to the polarity of charges in the oil are injected into the phase pipeline to realize charge neutralization and eliminate static electricity.

9, install electrostatic retarder. After the reactor is placed on the filter, the fluid enters the front of the storage tank to install an electrostatic relief device.

10. The reactor controls human body static electricity generation and eliminates the human body static electricity. The upper tank personnel (sampling, metering, etc.) must first touch the electrostatic device of the human body. Wear antistatic clothing.

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