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Do you know how to repair the shaft wear of kneader?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-10-17 16:01:46

Vacuum kneading machine can be said to be a very familiar chemical equipment, kneading machine is widely used, can produce glass glue, rubber mud, hot melt glue, chewing gum, butyl glue and mixed glue and other products, is a high viscosity, elastic-plastic material kneading, mixing, vulcanization, polymerization of the ideal equipment. In the use of kneader, we often encounter wear and tear kneader shaft, then how to repair it?

Wear of bearing position and bearing chamber of kneading machine is usually caused by dimension tolerance of parts, assembly process and wear under heavy load operation environment. Once wear occurs, it will inevitably cause vibration or unexpected shutdown of blade of kneading machine.

vacuum kneader

According to the condition that the kneader shaft has been dismantled and disconnected, the concentricity during repair is controlled by using the best measure of Sore's "Machining Technology", and the common problems such as thermal stress, deformation and fracture in repairing welding are avoided. The site repair steps are as follows:

(1) lathe coaxality correction;

(2) degreasing parts of the kneading machine bearing position are degreasing.

(3) preloading and rough handling of the wear parts of the kneading machine bearing position.

(4) machining and processing axes to repair surfaces;

(5)The kneader was blended and coated with carbon NANO-POLYMER SD7101 material, scraped several times to avoid pores, until slightly larger than the original size;

(6)The material is solidified, heated and solidified for 2 hours, and the machine is turned to the original axle size.

(7)Add 0.03-0.05mm on the basis of the tolerance of the neck of the kneading machine.

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