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Matters needing attention in kneader maintenance

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-10-11 15:53:00

The kneading machine is usually welded on a base, and the main maintenance and maintenance measures are as follows:

vacuum kneader

1. The lubricating parts should be injected with lubricating oil regularly. The lubricating oil should not be less than twice per shift. The lubricating oil should be pressed into the butter every twenty days and the oil pool should be replaced every three months.

2. Wall panel shaft seals should be properly adjusted or replaced according to the wearing conditions.

3. Check the steam pipes and the combined parts regularly. No leakage is allowed.

4. The machine should be inspected for six months after operation for inspection of vulnerable parts and proper repair or replacement.

5. After kneading machine is installed, clean, decontamination and wipe the antirust grease first. Check the lubricating points and inject grease (grease).

6, check the tightness of the triangle belt before driving, and move the motor to the proper position by adjusting bolts.

7, check whether the fastener is loose, whether the steam pipeline is leaking, and whether the circuit and electrical equipment are safe. The electric heating kneading machine must have earthing device.

8. Clean up the kneading machine room before commissioning and run it empty for 10-15 minutes. Make sure the machine is running normally before putting it into production. Usually the new gear (including reducer) in the initial use of noise is larger, to be run in a period of time to reduce the natural.

9. When using steam heating, safety valve and pressure gauge should be installed at the inlet pipe. The steam pressure should not exceed the pressure requirement of mixing cylinder with label knowledge.

10, kneading machine studio should minimize the use of inversion.

11, lubricating parts should be frequently oiling.

12, the wall seal should not be leaked.

13, suitable for belt tightness, regular inspection, adjustment or replacement.

14. Steam pipes are not allowed to leak. When the machine stops working, the valve should be closed and the reliability of the safety valve pressure gauge should be ensured.

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