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Powder horizontal mixer mixed common sense and equipment should pay attention to these points!

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-07-27 09:48:11

Powder horizontal mixer mixed common sense and equipment should pay attention to these points! I believe that everyone is familiar with horizontal mixers in powder equipment, followed by conical mixers, which have different structures and mixing principles for mixing powder and powder, but when mixing in horizontal mixers. Are you aware of the influencing factors? Let's make an introduction.


   When the powder horizontal mixer is mixed, all the materials involved in the mixing are required to be evenly distributed. The degree of mixing is divided into three states: ideal mixing, random mixing, and completely unmixed. The degree of mixing of the various materials in the mixing machine depends on factors such as the proportion of the materials to be mixed, the physical state and characteristics, and the type of mixing machine used and the duration of the mixing operation.

       The evaluation of the quality of the powder horizontal mixer mixing equipment is based on different physical quantities:

    A. Mixing uniformity: Analyze the physical quantity of materials involved in good or bad, obtained by probability theory, and the mixing uniformity is determined by the type of mixing equipment.

    B. Dead angle: refers to the physical phenomenon that the material can not participate in mixing in the mixing container. The percentage of dead angle is the physical quantity for evaluating the manufacturing quality of the mixing equipment.

    C. Mixing time: The physical quantity for evaluating the mixing speed, which refers to the time when different materials start to mix until the mixing reaches the uniformity requirement. The mixing time is determined by the type and model of the mixing equipment.

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