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How much is the cone mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-07-29 16:55:18

Cone mixer is also called double helix cone mixer. It is a kind of powder machine which is more common nowadays. It uses two double propellers to repeatedly mix materials to mix and diffuse various materials. Powder-powder mixing is more effective and popular with users, so it involves a key question, how much is the device?


1) Product advantages:

    The cone mixer has the characteristics of short mixing time, high production capacity, uniform mixing, low cost of use, high efficiency, and convenient and quick unloading. The machine has wide adaptability to the mixture, and does not cause delamination and segregation on the mixing of heat sensitive materials. It does not crush and grind the granular materials, and can be used for various particles, fibers or such as coarse particles, fine particles and ultrafine particles. The mixing of the flakes also has good adaptability.

2) How much is the cone mixer?

     This question is not for Xiao Hongjun to answer, because this is a non-standard equipment, the specific specifications are required to be customized according to user requirements, the specific price can also refer to the manufacturer's brand, service, efficiency, beer and other comprehensive considerations, I believe everyone will have a standard, of course The price I did not say here, I believe everyone understands.

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