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what? The application range of gravityless mixers is these!

Author: source: Datetime: 2021-05-11 10:05:02

Gravity-free mixer, the industry is called biaxial paddle mixer, or twin-shaft mixer. As a kind of powder equipment, it has been widely used since the 1980s. It is satisfied by its strong and efficient mixing. The user requested that the two mixing shafts in the horizontal cylinder rotate in opposite directions at the same speed and stir. An atomizing nozzle is arranged on the cylinder cover for mixing the solid and liquid.


1) Equipment structure and composition:

      The gravity-free mixer consists of a horizontal cylinder, a transmission mechanism, and a double-shaft agitating blade, and optionally a crushing rod. When working, the two shafts rotate in opposite directions to drive the blades at different angles to axially and radially. Cyclic flipping, under the action of high linear velocity, the material is thrown up and falls in the state of weightlessness (ie no gravity), and the material is cross-mixed to achieve uniformity when thrown and dropped.

2) Application range:

       Gravity-free mixer is suitable for the mixing of powder and powder, granules and granules, granules and powders and adding a small amount of liquid. It is especially suitable for mixing materials with large difference in particle size and specific gravity. It is widely used in chemical industry, dry mortar, pesticides, Ceramics, food, feed and battery industries. The machine is a high-precision mixing equipment. It has wide adaptability to the mixture. It can mix evenly the materials with large difference in specific gravity, ratio and particle size. It can mix well with materials with ratio difference of 1:1000~10000 or even higher. . After the crushing device is added to the machine, the particulate material can partially break.

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