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Application of high speed dispersing machine in industry

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-10-09 16:30:41

High-speed disperser is a new type of high-speed and high-efficiency mixing equipment, which is mainly used to crush, disperse, emulsify and mix liquid raw materials with different viscosity slurry. It is a new type of high-speed and high-efficiency mixing equipment with sharp teeth running up and down on the dispersing disc. It can shear, impact, crush and disperse the materials at high speed and achieve rapid mixing, dissolution, dispersion and fineness. The function of chemistry.

high speed dispersing machine

Apply to:

The high speed mixer are widely used for Paint Dispersion mixing, Co-Polymer compounding, Water base glue mixing.Water base coating, Water base Co-polymer, Eulsion glue.Latex, water base material.


It is applicable for production with multi bubble materials or volatile solvents. In the vacuum dispersing kettle air bubble and solvent vitalization shall be restrained, deaeration of materials shall be accelerated, dispersion efficiency shall be enhanced. It is widely used for its simple configuration, high vacuum and easy operation.

high speed dispersing machine

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