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Let's talk about dispersion of pigments

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-07-29 11:44:20

dispersion of pigments

As a pigment dispersion manufacturer,we can learn some knowledge about dispersion of pigments.generally, Pigments are conventionally supplied as a dry powder used in coatings.pigment is not the original particles, but agglomerates.

Agglomerates are "collections" of the pigment particles,which is in the space gap between the pigment particles contained air and moisture.Pigment particles contact angular and edges.the interaction force between particles is relatively small, so that force can be overcome by a conventional dispersion device.

pigment dispersion

When the pigment is on dispersion process,the pigment agglomerates can be destroyed by impact and shear force.it can become primary particles in the ideal condition.In this process, energy is input to the coating system,thus it can form small particles with resin solution of large interface.

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