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Kneading Machine instruction manual

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-03-14 10:52:31

Overview of kneading machine:

Kneading machine is a kind of chemical product for processing elastoplastic materials with high viscosity . It has complete functions , cariety and vide application .  Meanwhile , it is suitable for Plastics , Rubber ,Silicone ,Dyes , Pigments , Inks , Food base , Pharmaceutical agents Building coatings , Carbon , Fiber element and other industries .

Kneading Machine.png

(1) In adding to the oversize kneading machine the chassis mode is generally adopted for easy installation .

(2) In the transmission system ,the mini kneading machine adopts turbine or cycloidal pinwheel reducer ,the large kneading machine adopts the gear reducer . The transmission system and the host work smoothly so that the nise  is small and the service life is long .

(3) In order to ensure the purity and quality of the product , the agitator paddle in contact with the material and the inner wall of the agitator are made of stainless steel .

(4) The shaft seal has advanced structure and good sealing effect .

(5) Centralized electrical control (Including main engine operation ,Hydraulic pour material .Hydraulic lid ,and termostatic control and accurate temperature control and temperature display .

Foshan  Jin Changtai Machinery Co. , Lid . is a high-tech private enterprises ,specializing in the producing and wholesale various types of kneading machine .

Our company has a history of 23 years in the machinery industry . It is your choice to purchase glass glue equipment , vacuum kneader equipment .

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