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How do we make sense of Power Mixer ? How to select the Power Mixer ?

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-03-14 10:52:52

Power Mixer is a kind of dispersing equipment without dead point .It adopts unique Hybrid mechanism and the barrel of transporting material is fixed . Power Mixer can do both revolution and rotation of the planet motion . Its speed can be modulated and changed . Planetary power mixer make complex movements of materials and causes the material to be sheared and kneaded strongly .  Ultimately , the materials are fully dispersed and mixed . So there no mixing dead center .

 Power Mixer.jpg


A power mixer is also called a mixer . Because of local differences , machines are called differently . Such as Planetary  mixer and Strong disperser . After buying Power mixer,you can do these :

(1) The vent valve should be opened first before lifting the reactor cover . When Reactor under normal pressure to press the reactor cover up button

(2) When the reactor cover goes down , do not put your hands or appliances into the reactor .

(3) Every time you turn it on , you should check the vacuum pump oil . Otherwise it will cause safety accidents .

(4) Be careful when switching control cabinets . To avoid electric shock . Do not touch any terminals or exposed wires .

(5) Before the vacuuming , it must be determined that the material in the reactor is in a moist state .In order to prevent the powder from being pumped out of the reactor and affecting to service life of the vacuum pump .

(6) In order to avoid damaging the machinery , no metal or hard materials should enter the reactor .

(7) Pay special attention to :During the work ,try to avoid the rotating parts to run independently deviate from the mixer .

      Why are power mixer expensive ? Let’s look at the advantages .

(1) Advanced structure , Easy Operation , Safe and reliable operation .

(2) Mix quickly and evenly .

(3) Significant energy saving effect . Energy consumption is one tenth of that of the Drum Mixer .

(4) Small wear on granular materials . No overheating reaction to the mixed head sensitive materials .

(5) The mixture is table and does not occur in stratification and segregation .

(6) This machine is airtight and dustless , which has a long service life .In addition , we can pressurize or vacuum the machine according to customer’s requirements .

(7) The rotation and revolution of the machine are completed by the same set of motor and decelerator . I hope these can help you .

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