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A conical twin screw mixer

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-10-11 10:23:37

      The string member of the conical twin screw mixer for the two asymmetry cantilever the helix ;length of each one , they are about their own axis while rotating (rotation) , but also around  the center axis of the cone-shaped container ;With the rotation of the pivot arm in the cone the body near the wall for a planetary the Activity (revolution) ; repeatedly enhance the device through the male , rotation of the spiral so that the material in the cone to produce shear ,convection , diffusion compound motion so as to achieve the purpose of mixing .

      Products according to the requirements of the design of the outer jacket (heating and cooling) , nebulizer dosing device . Widely used in the chemical , chemical ,pharmaceutical , pesticides , dyes , building materials and other powder and powder mixed reaction .

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