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Balcony paint equipment, I choose JCT reactor!

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-09-12 16:26:53

Painting is not unfamiliar to us, as small as a mobile phone, to furniture and appliances, exterior wall decoration is the application of paint. Paint is a mixture of chemicals that can be firmly applied to the surface of an object for protection, decoration, marking and other special purposes. What JCT told you today is balcony paint. What is balcony paint? Let's go and have a look.

Balcony lacquer is a product specially designed and developed for balcony. It provides excellent water and weather resistance in areas with long sunshine and easy humidity. It also has super anti-mildew, anti-alkali and class I anti-bacterial functions. Its anti-fouling performance passes the industry anti-fouling standards and adopts advanced clean-flavor technology to create a comfortable and worry-free environment for you and your family. Balcony environment.

Balcony paint equipment

Popularly speaking, is used in the home balcony paint, balcony sunshine and rain shower, daily use of ordinary paint, will inevitably lead to moldy and chapped goods, this time will be used balcony paint, this paint is not only used on the balcony, also applicable to kitchen and toilet, should be stirred evenly before general use, in order to achieve The best brushing effect, rolling, brushing can be used according to the actual situation is not more than 20% (volume ratio) of water dilution, spraying dilution ratio is not more than 10%.

Balcony paint has withstood the test of the majority of owners and won a good reputation. The profit of balcony paint is also considerable compared with ordinary paint. Many paint manufacturers have opened a new production line to produce balcony paint. Some manufacturers will be confused about which one to choose when to change the equipment of the paint production line. The actual selection is not difficult, JCT paint production line is recommended by many manufacturers, a production line roughly includes dispersing kettle, color mixing kettle, grinding machine, filling machine and other equipment, see the following scene:

paint production line

Paint production process is generally in the dispersion kettle to add materials, after the reaction through the pipeline to the palette kettle, in the feed port to add pigments and additives and other substances, after the color is ready to grind, and finally filling.

If you want to consult or invest in balcony paint production line, JCT machinery can help you, we support customization on demand, but also provide technical formula, friends in need are welcome to inquire:



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