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Do you know the tire repair fluid equipment?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-09-13 11:12:29

We usually drive, sometimes encounter a tire burst, in the absence of repairmen, this time we will use the tire repair fluid, it is very convenient and fast to use.

Tire repair fluid equipment supplier

Automatic tire filling fluid does not need to pick the tire, 3 seconds can be repaired, once added can be used for a long time, the vehicle in motion but the tire was punctured, without stopping to repair automatically, completely changed the traditional manual tire filling method. It is able to fill holes with small to tiny holes and up to 6mm. Inflatable rubber tires for all types of vehicles are equally applicable, whether with or without tubeless. After being injected into the tire, it keeps liquid for a long time, and does not freeze until 140 C, and does not decompose to 100 C. It does not corrode the tire and metal wheel steel and can prevent rust. The product itself does not burn, and is non-toxic and non-polluting. The market potential is enormous.

The automatic tire fluid is designed to pre-inject a liquid containing a certain amount of short fiber material or fine particles into the tire, such as a tire with micro-holes, it will be blocked; and when the tire has holes, the strong overflow of air to the liquid with fiber or particles together. The fibers or particles squeezed into the holes are blocked instantaneously and tightly so that the tires no longer leak, enough pressure is maintained in the tires to keep the vehicle running and prevent possible accidents.

Tire repair fluid has brought us great convenience at the same time, do you know what equipment is used to produce tire repair fluid?

JCT machine can provide tyre repair liquid production line for you.Reaction kettle is usually a kettle reactor with stirring device, is a typical chemical, pharmaceutical, dyestuff, paint and other industries equipment

JCT tire repair liquid production line

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