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High quality factory price Double Shaft Blade Agravic Mixer Machine

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-09-11 15:19:32

1. Working principle: 

With the actuation of the directly link decelerator, the rotormoves in a fixed direction and, during its movement, the horizontal ribbon mixer pushed the material to move along with the axis and, on the other hand, throw the material to the front upper of the helicalribbon. The helical ribbon on the outside layer makes the material always moving towards the center of the barrel while the one on the inside layer makes the material moving towards two ends from the center, thus two cycled ways offlowing are formed with the material, making it fullmixed in the repeatedflowing circulation. 

high quality factory price Double Shaft Blade Agravic Mixer Machine

2. Optional Features

·Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316L

·Continuous ribbon agitator, interrupted ribbon for higher density materialsInternal pressure

·Sanitary type construction

·Flap valve, butterfly valve, slide gate valve, ball valve

·Horsepower to suit higher density materials

·Explosion-proof motors

·Controls such as variable frequency drives, motor starters and operator stations are available

·Spray nozzles for liquid introductionJacket for heating or cooling

Matching parts : 

A, Drive Advantages

Standard form coning helix mixer machine have two churn helix, Practical applies to in according to equipment specification size can adopt single ( A long helix),

Double ( Length each 1 incorrect states helix), Three ( Two short a long symmetrically disposal) Roots helix; Theoretically churns helix more many, Mixes effect more good.

B, U-Shape cylinder

 Can tube of extraneous increase nip set of at mixer machine, Passes to nip set of in infuse into leng Re carrier come accomplish to materiel 's cool off or calefaction;

Cools off ordinary pump enter industry use water, Heatings can go to enter steam or electric heating conduct heat oil.

C, Disconnecting type Spiral Belt

Go to enter spray liquid tube at mixer machine countershaft position, Connects fog melt nozzle, Can accomplish plus liquid mix; Passes choose specific material quality,

Can join sour, Alkaline liquid materical proceeding powder liquid mix.

D, Discharging Mode 

Tube of lids can make into dome, At decreases remain convenient for clean up 's meantime, Can enhance mixer machine a tube of body partial endure press intension

, At needs mixer machine tube of body endure press time many adopt this enactment.

E, Cooling and heating 

Can will mixer machine tube of body make into owe press storehouse at be specific craft in, Use flexible hose will liquidity good dry materiel suck enter mix storehouse

proceeding mix, Can avoid materiel feed in raw material 's remain and pollution in tache.

F, Main Shaft Airproof

Standard form equipment ordinary adopts plum blossom Chuang" Makes malposition valve ", Paste equal to tightness bottom this valve and long helix, Effective

decreases mix dead angle, Drive form have manual gentle move can select; According to consumer need, Also can plus install reed valve, Ball valve, Starlike unloads

glassware, Side comes out materical.

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