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JCT hot melt adhesive equipment exported to Ethiopia

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-10-23 15:52:36

Ethiopia is a Federal Democratic Republic in northeastern Africa, known as the "roof of Africa," is an ancient country with a 3000-year history of civilization, Ethiopian customers came to JCT to purchase hot melt adhesive equipment.

The following is a photo taken by JCT and Ethiopia customers.

JCT hot melt adhesive equipment exported to Ethiopia

1. Hot melt adhesive can be divided into bulk, granular and bar like shapes according to the shape of the product.

Hot melt adhesives: EVA (vinyl acetate copolymer), TPR (thermoplastic rubber), APAO (polyolefin), PA (polyamide), PU (polyurethane), POLYESTER (polyester), PE (polyethylene) and others.

2. Application range of hot melt adhesive:

1) packaging: carton carton, food packaging, etc.

2) hygienic products: diapers, sanitary napkins, etc.

3) bookbinding: book binding;

4) wood furniture: plywood, wood floor splicing, furniture fit;

5) Automotive: car lights, glass, filter cartridge, interior decoration, etc.

6) textile products: paste, printing, gum.

7) reflective materials: traffic signs, warning protective clothing, etc.

JCT hot melt adhesive equipment exported to Ethiopia

3. The heating methods of hot melt adhesive production can be divided into: electric heating in jacket, electric heater, thermal oil furnace (fuel, gas). The temperature of the heat conducting oil is generally controlled by 160-200 degrees centigrade, and the material temperature in the kettle is controlled at 130-160 C.

4, the reaction kettle produces hot melt adhesive for about 4-5 hours / times. Kneading machine produces hot melt adhesive for about 2-3 hours / times.

5. The working volume of the reaction kettle and kneading machine for producing hot melt adhesive is generally 70-80%.

6. What equipment do we need for the complete production line of hot melt adhesive (block)?

Reactor (or kneader), stirring tank (optional), coarse filter, high viscosity pump, fine filter, roller conveyor, heating system, vacuum system and so on.

The technological process is:

1) according to the formula of hot melt adhesive, the raw materials are weighed and added to the reactor (or kneader). The heating system is heated to melt and stir evenly. The bubbles in the glue are removed by vacuum.

2) The melted glue in the reactor (or kneader) passes through the discharge pump, passes through the filtration system into the packing head (or into the agitating tank, and then to the packing head), puts it in the packaging box, and cools the packed hot melt glue.

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