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Algeria customers purchase acidic silicone sealant production line

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-10-22 14:26:54

On October 20, JCT received a group of customers from Algeria, who came to China to purchase acid silicone sealant production equipment.

Algeria customers purchase acidic silicone sealant production line

Silicone sealant is widely used, and it is divided into neutral, Acidic,Double component, all kinds of adhesives required equipment is also different, acid silicone sealant production line, in general, equipment configuration:

1) multifunctional rubber dispersing machine.

2) hydraulic discharge machine.

3) vacuum system.

4) cooling system.

5) packing machine (hard plastic bottle filling machine, plastic film soft branch filling machine).

6) oven.

7) inkjet printer.

The production process of acid silicone sealant:

1) According to the formula of acid silicone sealant, all kinds of materials are added to the multifunctional glue making and dispersing machine. After mixing for a period of time, the mixing effect is sufficient. At the same time, start the vacuum system, extract moisture and air from the material, start the cooling system to control the temperature of the material.

2) after the production is completed, the mixing cylinder is pushed into the hydraulic discharging machine, and the material is pressed into the barrel of the packer.

3) put the bucket into the packer and fill it.

4) packaging finished acidic silicone glass adhesive products into the warehouse.

Algeria customers purchase acidic silicone sealant production line

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