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Could you tell me about vertical dough mixer definition?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-10-22 11:14:05

vertical dough mixer

The vertical dough mixer is one of main chemical mixer used in many chemicals industries,vertical dough mixer definition can be understood as planetary mixer in JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd, as a professional vertical dough mixer manufacturer, we can provide a complete vertical dough mixer definition for you! JCT vertical dough mixer is your best choice!

dough mixer definition

JCT vertical dough mixer definition can be understood as planetary mixer, which is suitable for mixing and reaction process.dough product as a high viscosity vertical mixer, JCT vertical dough mixer is a high efficient and professional dough mixer.it can be selected different mixing blazes according to different production processes and material characteristics, the mixing blazes have gate, multi-blade type, multi-blade type, Claw type.

vertical dough mixer

JCT vertical dough mixer has a good mixing shearing and dispersing effect. It is especially suitable for the solid-solid phase, solid-liquid phase, liquid-liquid phase dispersion and mixing, so it is used in chemical industry, foodstuff, light industry, pharmacy and building material industry.

dough mixer definition

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