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What does the stainless steel jacketed tanks look like?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-10-21 11:33:01

stainless steel jacketed tanks

As a professional stainless steel jacketed tanks manufacturer in China, we produce the suitable stainless steel jacketed tanks with good service and good quality for you. in addition, we have a strong technique team, and please don;t worry about the technique issue,JCT stainless steel jacketed tanks, your best choice!

jacketed stainless steel tanks

The stainless steel jacketed tanks is also known as reactor,as a typical reaction mixing equipment,stainless steel jacketed tanks can achieve reaction polymerization through a variety of materials for mixing, heating, cooling for dispersion and mixing process.

stainless steel jacketed tanks

JCT stainless steel jacketed tanks can be designed into SUS304,321l, 316l and Q235-B as material.stainless steel jacketed tanks consist of stirrer,a heating and cooling device,a sealing device and other devices, if you need more details of stainless steel jacketed tanks, please contact me in your free time at 008618028192312.

jacketed stainless steel tanks

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