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How can we choose a suitable vacuum malt mixers?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-10-22 11:23:38

vacuum mixers

How can we choose a suitable vacuum malt mixers? as a professional vacuum malt mixers manufacturer, we can recommend a suitable vacuum malt mixers according to your requirement, in addition,we can provide the design service of vacuum malt mixers on your demand, and we can provide a technique support,please don;t worry about the technique of vacuum malt mixers.

malt mixers

JCT vacuum malt mixers can be known as kneader,vacuum malt mixers is a ideal mixing equipment used in many chemicals industries.vacuum malt mixers is a special mixing device with two Σ blades, which are usually rotated at 42 rpm and slow propellers usually at 28 rpm. The different paddle speeds allow the material to be kneaded rapidly homogeneous stirring.

vacuum mixers

JCT vacuum malt mixers is suitable for various viscosity of the CMC, also used in chemical, food, plastics, pharmaceutical and other industries. The common type of vacuum malt mixers has high efficiency and the contact material made from stainless steel, it can ensure the chemical performance of the vacuum malt mixers.The vacuum malt mixers is novel in design, reliable in operation and simple in operation. It is the ideal equipment for customers.

malt mixers

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