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How to use silicone glue mixer?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-03-02 11:08:30

how to use silicone glue

As a silicone glue mixer supplier and manufacturer in China,we focus on manufacturing the suitable and high quality silicone glue mixer for clients.In general, we can call silicone glue mixer as chemical kneading machine,and do you know how to use silicone glue mixer? here are some useful steps for you!

JCT use silicone glue

1.Check the postion before the job is complete or not.

2.Before the production of feeding, the following procedures should be rigorous inspection of silicone glue mixer.Such as clean dirt and impurities in the cylinder,check whether the cooling water pipe is smooth.

3.When feeding process starts,open the cylinder head to the cylinder to a certain position, the material into the cylinder and then restore the cylinder in before place.

how to use silicone glue

4.Close the cylinder head on the plate and a close cylinder around the lid of the locking device,so as not to start spinning when the top cover due to rubber material caused by waste of raw materials and affect the quality of kneading.

5.Open the cover when the material when the material discharge,you should pay attention to should be on the board side of the nut on the side to avoid falling cover caused by personal safety accidents.

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how to use silicone glue

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