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Here is the suitable kind of silicone mould making machine

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-03-02 10:48:54

silicone mold making

Here is the suitable kind of silicone mould making machine on the market, we can call it chemical kneading machine, it's a multi-functional mixer, not only can it use for silicone mould making, but also silicone rubber, paint,oil ink, chewing gum and other chemicals products.Silicone mould making machine is also called kneader, but in most of chemicals market, silicone mould making is chemical kneading machine.

silicone mold making

Silicone mould making machine can be designed into different kinds of capacity, the minimum capacity is 5l as laboratory type, and 50l, even more, 5000L. As for the feeding and discharging way, they can be designed into hydraulic cylinder turned,screw the material under the loading and other forms. If you want to set up your new project when you don't make silicone mould making production, you can consider the minimum type of silicone mould making machine.

silicone mould making

Silicone mould making machine is a ideal mixing equipment, which can be designed into vacuum type,stainless steel or carbon, in general, we adopt stainless steel type as a common type.For most of clients, we usually recommend the vacuum and stainless steel silicone mould making machine for them.Welcome to contact us if you're interested in our product.

silicone mold making

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