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How to buy high speed kneading machine? What is the principle?

Author: source: Datetime: 2021-05-25 10:08:02

The source of heat in high-speed mixers is primarily self-friction, so in most cases no additional heating is required. The heat is mainly derived from the following frictions: the friction between the material and the stirring blades.

What is the principle of a high speed mixer?

     The mixing pot of the high-speed mixer adopts a vertical structure, and the pot body is provided with 2-4 layers of blades, and the high-speed rotation of the blades causes the material to move tangentially along the blade, and is thrown to the wall by centrifugal force, and Ascending along the wall, a part of the ascending material falls back to the center of the blade under the action of gravity, and another part of the material collides with the lid and falls. Then it is thrown up again. This combination of ascending motion and tangential motion causes the materials to collide and cross-mix with each other. At the same time, the material and the blades, the inner wall and the material collide with each other to make the temperature rise rapidly. In addition, the baffles further disturb the flow, forming irregular movements, and forming a strong vortex near the baffles to promote further uniform dispersion and mixing of the materials.

How to choose a high speed mixer?

     1. Motors should use high-quality brand-name products, because the motor power of high-speed mixers is generally large, taking the total volume of 800 liters as an example, the power of Plasmec mixer is about 160KW; and the high-speed mixer is a batch production machine. Frequent start and stop, low-quality motor consumes high power, and is easy to damage and has a short service life.

     2. Inverter, because the motor power is large and the starting is frequent, the inverter should be equipped. First, avoid the impact on the power grid when starting. In addition, the inverter can save energy and save electricity, and the blade speed can be adjusted freely within a certain range. In addition, it is necessary to match the variable frequency motor. Although the ordinary single speed motor can also be adjusted by the frequency converter, there are many problems.

    3. The diameter of the blade should not be too small. For example, the volume is also 800 liters. The manufacturer can reduce the diameter of the pot and increase the height, which will make the mixing effect worse. The number of blade layers is 2-4 layers according to the volume of the pot body. Taking 800 liters as an example, four layers of blades are used to enhance the mixing effect and improve the mixing efficiency.

     4. The lid is made of stainless steel and is more sturdy and not easily deformed. After the deformation of the traditional cast aluminum lid, the sealing is not strict and the powder leakage problem occurs.

     5. The inner wall of the pot is made of SS304 stainless steel, and the thickness should also meet the requirements. Take the 800 liter high-speed mixer as an example. The side wall is 8 mm thick and the bottom of the pot is 10 mm thick (because the bottom of the pot is worn and needs to be thickened). Some small assembly plants often use 202 material instead of 304, so pay attention.

    6. Baffles, available in fixed and adjustable versions.

    7. Try to use a large size discharge valve, and match the shape of the bottom of the pot, so that the discharge speed is fast and the discharge is clean. It is easy to open for cleaning.

    8. Spindle bearings, high-speed mixer bearings bearing a very large impact, should use brand-name products, such as NSK, SKF and other brands.

    9. Cylinders, especially the cylinders on the discharge valve, as a moving mechanical component, the opening and closing of the discharge valve should be properly placed to avoid leakage, and brand-name products should be used.

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