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What kinds of discharge methods are used in vacuum kneading machines?

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-08-26 16:41:34

What kinds of discharge methods are there in the vacuum kneader? This is a problem frequently mentioned by users in their daily life. It is also one of the most confusing problems when users produce products. This Xiao Hong tells everyone that in the selection of the discharge method, according to product characteristics and viscosity. Size and other requirements to choose, such as hot melt adhesive can be used under the output kneading machine.

     Jinhaotai kneading machine product design incorporates green, economical and people-oriented design concepts, in line with ergonomic requirements, the production process of the product is a strict quality control process, we regard quality as the life of the enterprise, we are more cost-effective products Serve the user.

   So what kind of discharge method does the vacuum kneader have? (As shown in FIG)

     The kneading machine can decompress and exhaust, extract volatiles and dehydrate by vacuuming; thermal working conditions: heating by heat transfer oil or steam, or water cooling;

Discharge method: roll out the cylinder, discharge under the valve and screw discharge; the speed of the kneading paddle can be adjusted by the frequency converter, and many technical performances are available to meet the advanced production process requirements of the user.

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