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celebrate! The production of the Jinyutai 300l conical mixer for export to Palestine has been completed!

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-08-23 17:41:17

Haha, first of all, I would like to celebrate the 300l conical mixer exported to Palestine. After more than a month of production, I finally finished the spraying today and is about to enter the delivery stage. We have successfully developed in many exporting countries. The Palestinian state, and gaining trust, here Xiao Hong represents Kim Tae-Thai thanks to the support of foreign friends! We will also do better and better!

     The 300l conical mixer is a typical powder machine commonly used in chemical industry. The equipment has the characteristics of short mixing time, high production capacity, uniform mixing, low cost of use, high efficiency and convenient and quick unloading. The machine has wide adaptability to the mixture, and does not cause delamination and segregation on the mixing of heat sensitive materials. It does not crush and grind the granular materials, and can be used for various particles, fibers or such as coarse particles, fine particles and ultrafine particles. The mixing of the flakes also has good adaptability.

 Jinyitai 300l conical double helix mixer is widely used in chemical, fertilizer, oil field, oil refining, pesticide, veterinary medicine, paint, pigment, dye and auxiliary, metallurgy, smelting, refractory, mining, building materials, electronic plastics, feed, Mixing solid-solid (ie powder and powder), solid-liquid (ie powder and liquid) in aquaculture, medicine, bioengineering, food, health care products, ceramics, glass, and new materials, nuclear energy materials, etc. Mix, liquid-liquid (ie liquid and liquid). Thank you for your trust, thank you for your trust!

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