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Analysis: About the structure and performance characteristics of the gravity-free mixer!

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-08-01 17:02:50

Now the chemical industry applies to the powder mixing machine. The gravity-free mixer, also known as the twin-shaft paddle mixer, meets the user's requirements with its strong and efficient mixing. The two mixing shafts in the horizontal cylinder rotate at the same speed. , stirring. An atomizing nozzle is arranged on the cylinder cover for mixing the solid and liquid. Next, we will understand the structure and performance characteristics of the machine together.


      The gravity-free mixer is mainly composed of a horizontal cylinder, a transmission mechanism, a double-shaft agitating paddle, and optionally a crushing rod. The advantage of the machine is that it has a wide application range, high mixing uniformity and short mixing time.

Performance characteristics: The gravity-free mixer has wide adaptability, does not damage the advantages of the mixture material, does not press and grind the material, and has good adaptability to the mixing of the coarse material and the fine material. The gravity-free mixer produces a cross-interlacing, blending, diffusion and other composite motion in the body without destroying the mixture, so that the material can achieve the best mixing effect in a short time.

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