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How big is the 3kw disperser?

Author: source: Datetime: 2021-05-14 10:05:49

What is the 3kw disperser? How big is the 3kw disperser? What can a 3kw disperser do? Faced with all these problems, let Xiaohong professionally answer you, survey as a dispersing machine, the size is not important, the application is king! The dispersing machine is generally a powerful dispersing machine of Jinyutai, and the 3kw is mainly the motor power. The size and volume of the configuration are 50l. The specific selection should be according to the user's needs!


       How big is the 50l disperser? This question is quite abstract, because as a chemical non-standard equipment, the specific equipment is generally unaware of the specific size and other parameters unless the parameter specifications are clear, because these need to be matched, only one Probably the scope, to briefly introduce the device for everyone.

  The dispersion machine produced by Jin Yutai generally accounts for about 70% of the equipment volume. For example, the 50l disperser has an effective range of more than 30 liters. It can also be used as a small laboratory. The machine also has a scraped bottom and high speed. The dispersion slurry is very effective in dispersing high and low viscosity, and the production industry is also extensive.

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