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What are the vertical axis planetary mixer manufacturers?

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-08-29 17:51:52

We don't know if there is any understanding of this planetary mixer. It is mainly a single-axis planetary high-speed mixer. It is mainly a mixing equipment for preparing high-viscosity materials. It is a vertical mixing machine, and the form of the agitator is based on Material requirements can be divided into multi-layer blade type, frame type, impeller type, etc. Other requirements are customized according to requirements.


      So what everyone wants to know is my product, can the machine be produced? Or what are the vertical axis planetary mixer manufacturers? First of all, when selecting the equipment of the product, the user should understand the product use and production process, and then the specification parameters of the equipment to the output, because as a non-standard equipment, in many cases, the situation must be understood by both parties. device. So what are the manufacturers? Generally speaking, there are more manufacturers now. When users choose the manufacturers, they must first understand that they are not focused on price. In fact, we must comprehensively examine the manufacturers' beer, team, technology, quality, etc., so that we can have a basic grasp of a manufacturer.

So what is a vertical planetary mixer?

       It is a new type of high-efficiency dead-end mixing equipment. Planetary mixers usually have 2 or 3 multi-layer folding blades. The blades rotate at the same time as the revolutions, allowing the material to flow up and down and around. The mixing effect is achieved in a short time. The inner wall of the planetary mixer cylinder is finished by a large vertical car, and then automatically polished by a large polishing machine to ensure that the moving scraper on the planet carrier is completely scraped off when rotating. This machine is especially suitable for paste and high. Viscosity, high density material dissolution, mixing, mixing, polymerization, etc.

      Finally, the friendly reminder: There are many manufacturers who need to do this kind of equipment, including modification. Users should understand the characteristics of their products, so that Jinhaotai Technology Department can connect with you and select them. This is also very helpful for the next production and hidden dangers. of. I hope that everyone will not be entangled in the price, we must consider it comprehensively, and avoid the maintenance rate is too high, which is not good.

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