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[news] Hot melt glues for bookbinding

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-06-22 14:19:14

hot melt glue for bookbinding

The hot melt glues for bookbinding is a kind of hot melt glues.it has several color, such as white,transpatent,pale,yellow, beige translucent.Hot melt glues for bookbinding is widely divided into side glue, cover stick.

In gereral, the color is less demand,but has a great demanding in viscous,as for side glue,it demands good color and higher hardness. Hot melt glues for bookbinding is often divided into three shape: cylindrical particles, round particles,Lump.Generally speaking,the yellow color is, the stick is strong.

hot melt glues

The main classification of hot melt glue:
1.Hot melt glue for binding books;
2.Hot melt glue for shoes stick.
3.Plywood hot melt glues;
4.The pressure-sensitive hot melt glue;
5.Glue gun hot melt glue;
7.Hot melt glue for heat shrink tube.
8.Clothing lining hot melt glues;
9.Hot melt glue furniture:
10.Packaging hot melt glue;

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