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Guangdong Power Mixer Working Principle

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-10-22 11:05:50

As a high-tech mixer product, Guangdong Power Mixer is a high-tech mixer. The power mixer has a complex blade shape and various functions. The mixing function and mixing effect are excellent.

    The power mixer is a mixture of four or three blades to mix high-viscosity materials, so that the material is complicatedly powered in the kettle, subjected to strong shearing and kneading, and there is no mixing dead point, high efficiency and high speed, and can be added. Pressing or vacuuming to remove air bubbles, etc., because the price is relatively expensive, the general user can replace the planetary machine or the dispersing machine to control the cost and the like.


Guangdong Power Mixer Working Principle

   The high-speed dispersing part of the power mixer revolves with the planet carrier, and at the same time rotates at a high speed, so that the material is subjected to strong shearing and dispersing mixing, and the effect is ordinary.

Several times the mixer. The dispersing parts are divided into single dispersing shaft and double dispersing shaft, which can be selected by customers according to their needs.

   The power mixer is equipped with a low-speed stirring component and a high-speed dispersing component. The low-speed agitating component is driven by a planetary gear, and the agitating paddle also rotates during the revolution to move the material up and down and around, thereby achieving an ideal mixing effect in a short time.

    The two double-frame agitator of the power mixer can revolve and rotate at the same time in the barrel, which can realize vacuuming, heating and cooling, and can realize the speed adjustment according to the situation. With multiple mixing barrels, it can operate in one machine and multiple barrels, matching the pressing machine to let Discharge is more convenient.

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