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Mixing effect and structure of power mixer

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-06-17 13:49:51

The power mixer is at the top of the chemical industry's production. Because its function is very comprehensive and powerful, many people may not be familiar with it because it has good effect, high efficiency and high price. Many people can only choose the corresponding one. Equipment to replace production. Power mixer

    As a high-efficiency and non-dead power mixing and dispersing device, the power mixer fully combines the advantages of planetary mixer and powerful dispersing machine, and combines stirring and dispersing, so that the mixing effect and working efficiency are greatly improved.


The mixing effect of the power mixer can be reflected in the advantages of the planetary mixer and the powerful dispersing machine. It is dispersed, stirred and mixed, and the blade form can be adjusted according to different needs of users, and the kettle body is still western. The blade is scraped and scraped to make the mixing effect even better.

Power mixer

    Structural features: power mixer

1 . A soft seal between the mechanical seal and the unique body allows the material to be operated under vacuum;

2 . The kettle body can be heated by electric heating, steam heating and oil water circulation. The unique temperature detecting device on the kettle body ensures that the temperature is error-free, and the inner coil of the jacket can be cooled;

3 . The inner wall of the kettle is finished by a large vertical car, ensuring that the movable scraper on the planet carrier completely scrapes off the material inside the kettle body when rotating;

4 . The kettle body has a double-frame stirring slurry or a multi-blade mixing slurry which scrapes the bottom, and rotates at the same time as the revolution, so that the material moves up and down and around, so that the mixing effect can be achieved in a short time;

5 . The revolution and rotation of the stirring slurry in the kettle are all adjusted by frequency conversion, and different speeds can be selected according to different processes and different viscosities;

    The power mixer is equipped with a low-speed stirring component and a high-speed dispersing component. The low-speed agitating component is driven by a planetary gear, and the agitating paddle also rotates during the revolution to move the material up and down and around, thereby achieving an ideal mixing effect in a short time.

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