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What can a hydraulic planetary mixer do?

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-08-02 15:10:50

As a chemical equipment, hydraulic planetary mixer is a high-efficiency and non-dead mixing equipment with unique and novel mixing form. There are two or three agitators and one or two automatic scraping blades in the kettle. While revolving around the axis of the escalator, it rotates around its own axis at different speeds, and its applicability is quite wide.


 In general, many people will have this misunderstanding. Is the planetary mixer the same as the horizontal mixer? Horizontal mixers are generally called horizontal mixers. They are mainly used for powder equipment. Generally speaking, hydraulic mixers or vertical shaft mixers are called hydraulic planetary mixers, which allow materials to flow up and down and around, so that they can be mixed in a short time. effect. The inner wall of the planetary mixer cylinder is finished by a large vertical car, and then automatically polished by a large polishing machine to ensure that the moving scraper on the planet carrier is completely scraped off when rotating. This machine is especially suitable for paste and high. Viscosity, high density material dissolution, mixing, mixing, polymerization, etc.

        The key point is, what products can the hydraulic planetary mixer be used for? It is widely used in the chemical, light industry, food, battery, pharmaceutical, building materials and other industries for the multi-component solid-solid phase, solid-liquid phase, liquid-liquid phase material mixing, reaction, dispersion, dissolution, modulation And other processes; such as inks, pigments, adhesives, sealants, encapsulating ointments, paste materials, greases, paints, ointments, cosmetics, additives and other high viscosity materials.

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