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JCT white glue equipment exported to Bangladesh successfully

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-10-20 16:34:03

During the Canton Fair, Bangladesh customers visited JCT and signed a purchase order for white glue equipment with JCT.

White glue, the scientific name "polyvinyl acetate adhesive", is a kind of thermoplastic adhesive prepared by polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer under the action of initiator. It can be cured at room temperature, fast curing, high bonding strength, good toughness and durability and not easy to aging.

white glue

White latex is widely used in wood processing, furniture assembly, cigarette joint, building decoration, fabric bonding, product processing, printing and binding, handicraft manufacturing as well as leather processing, label fixing, tile pasting, etc. It is an environmentally friendly adhesive.

The main equipment for producing white latex is the reactor, which is a comprehensive reactor vessel. According to the reaction conditions, the structure, function and accessories of the reactor are designed. From the beginning of the feed-reaction-discharge can be completed with a high degree of automation pre-set reaction steps, the reaction process of temperature, pressure, mechanical control (stirring, blast, etc.), reactant / product concentration and other important parameters of strict control. Its structure is generally composed of kettle body, transmission device, stirring device, heating device, cooling device, sealing device. Corresponding auxiliary equipment: fractionating column, condenser, water separator, collecting tank, filter and so on.

JCT white glue equipment exported to Bangladesh successfully

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