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502 Supper glue production technology

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-26 09:41:29

502 Supper glue production technology

1.Raw material:

1)Ethyl cyanoacetate                

2)Deionized water                   


4)Six hydrogen pyridine                  

5)Dibutyl phthalate           

6)Purification agent(Anhydride or thionyl chloride)    



1.Production process:

1)Adding formaldehyde and the six hydrogen pyridine into mixing tank ,stirring;

2)Adding ethyl cyanoacetate and deionized water into mixing tank.

3)Adding formaldehyde into mixing tank in 30 minutes.

4)Natural heating up to ~100 degrees, continue to react 1H,separated water.

5)Adding dibutyl phthalate,mixingand dissolved material.

6)Moving the tank material (when it hot) into the cracking kettle.

7)Vacuum drying tank material in 100-140℃,8KPa

8)When the condenser without a droplet discharge, adding purifying agent (Anhydride or thionyl chloride)

9)Reaction for 30 minutes in 100-120℃

10)Pyrolysis pre polymer in 170-240,collection in 85-90,1.3-8.0KPaUnder the receiving tank with P2O52kg fraction in the hydroquinone

11)Distillation to get the product

12 ) For easy storage and use, the cyanoacrylate monomer added some additives, such as stabilizer (SO2, CO2, P2O5, p-toluene sulfonic acid copper acetate, etc.), polymerization (hydroquinone) agent, thickening agent (PMMA), plasticizer (tricresyl phosphate, DBP, DOP, sebacic acid diethyl ester, etc.) and elastic filler, such as acrylic acid copolymer increased toughness.