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Do you know the equipment for producing dog food?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-26 11:02:25

Horizontal screw-belt mixer is driven by a motor through a reducer to rotate the specially arranged spindle of the screw belt. The external screw moves the material to the center but not to the center. The internal screw pushes the material to a fixed position or end plate. The two make the material diffuse, convective, shear, dislocation and radial movement, so that the material can move in a very short time. The effect of mixing uniformity is achieved. It has the advantages of large loading coefficient and small equipment area.

Do you know the equipment for producing dog food?

Horizontal screw mixer is widely used in chemical industry, cosmetics, detergents, pesticides, dyes, food, brewing, feed, building materials, medicine, dyes, building materials and other industries.

Horizontal screw mixer can produce dog food, cat food, fish food and other feed.

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