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Very good! JCT Hot Melt Adhesive Equipment Successfully Exported to Bangladesh

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-24 11:40:23

November 22, 2018, this is Thanksgiving Day in Western countries. JCT Machinery wishes you a happy Thanksgiving Day! Thank all things, thank yourself!

On Thanksgiving Day, JCT received customers from Bangladesh who wanted to purchase hot melt adhesive equipment.

Very good! JCT Hot Melt Adhesive Equipment Successfully Exported to Bangladesh

Let's first look at the following hot melt adhesives:

Hot melt adhesives can be divided into block, granular, bar (rod) and powder according to the shape of products.

Hot melt adhesives: EVA (vinyl acetate copolymer), TPR (thermoplastic rubber), APAO (polyolefin), PA (polyamide), PU (polyurethane), POLYESTER (polyester), PE (polyethylene) and others.

Hot melt adhesives:

1) Packaging: cartons, cartons, food packaging, etc.

2) Sanitary products: wet urine, sanitary napkins, etc.

3) Binding of books and periodicals: wireless binding of books and periodicals;

4) Wood furniture: plywood, wood floor splicing, furniture fitting;

5) Automotive: lamp, glass, filter, interior decoration, etc.

6) Textile products: sticking, printing, backing glue;

7) Reflective materials: traffic signs, warning protective clothing, etc.

hot melt glue production line

The heating methods of hot melt adhesive production can be divided into: electric heating in jacket, electric heater, heat conducting oil furnace (fuel oil, gas). The temperature of heat conducting oil is generally controlled at 160-200 C, and the material temperature in the kettle is controlled at 130-160 C.

1. Production of hot melt adhesives in reaction kettle is about 4-5 hours per time, and production of hot melt adhesives by kneading machine is about 2-3 hours per time.

2. The working volume of the reaction kettle and kneading machine for producing hot melt adhesives is generally 70-80%.

3. What equipment is needed for the complete production line of hot melt adhesives?

Reactor (or kneader), stirring tank (optional), coarse filter, high viscosity pump, fine filter, roller conveyor, heating system, vacuum system and so on.

The technological process is:

1) The raw material is weighed according to the proportion of hot melt adhesive formula and added to the reactor (or kneader). By heating the system to melt and mix evenly. The bubbles in the glue are removed by vacuum extraction.

2) The melted rubber in the reactor (or kneader) passes through the discharge pump, enters the sub-packing die head through the filtering system (or into the mixing tank, then to the sub-packing die head), puts it in the packaging box, and cools the packed hot-melt adhesive.

We invite customers to visit the workshop and explain in detail the structure, performance and usage of hot melt adhesive equipment.

Very good! JCT Hot Melt Adhesive Equipment Successfully Exported to Bangladesh

The negotiation process was smooth. In the afternoon, JCT successfully signed the bill with the customer.

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