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How fun did water based adhesive machine manufacturers drifting in Dragon Boat Festival

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-06-01 11:56:52

water based adhesive manufacturers

Dragon Boat Festival, is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. Since ancient times, the Dragon Boat Festival has a dragon boat race and eat zongzi and other festivals. Since 2008, the Dragon Boat Festival has been listed as China\'s national statutory holidays. In Dragon Boat Festival this year, water based adhesive machine manufacturers went to Qingyuan to drift together.


Qingyuan is the hometown of Chinese drifting, and the ancient dragon as the pinnacle of Qingyuan drift, with its country\'s largest drift gap, the most exciting drifting experience, known as: drift of the top, the king of the gap.

water based adhesive manufacturers

Water based adhesive machine manufacturers spent a funny day through drifting in Qingyuan, and we ate dilicious food together. Any questions about water based adhesive machine can you talk with us.


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