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What advantages of twin screw mixer do you know?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-06-03 10:38:04

twin screw mixer

From the twin screw mixer mechanism, the twin screw mixer is slightly different from other mixers, and their profile makes it possible to have other advantages that the mixer does not have, with the following advantages.

twin screw

1. Suitable for materials with different proportions or mixed with other additives.
2. The use of internal and external rotary stirring, high uniformity
3. Mixing cylinder can be any tilt angle, easy to discharge and cleaning needs.
4. With automatic timer device, you can set the time to stop.

5. Easy to operate, easy to clean, suitable for food pharmaceutical use.

twin screw mixer

JCT Machinery focuses on manufacturing twin screw mixer for many years, with quality assurance, excellent service. We welcome you to inquire at all times and come to visit. Our factory in addition to twin screw mixer there are other machinery to meet your needs.

twin screw

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