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How do you know about vertical ribon blender can be found in JCT?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-04-01 11:47:41

ribon blender

The vertical ribon blender can be found in JCT.What is JCT? JCT is a brand and chemical vertical ribon blender manufacturer in China,it has rich experience to produce the various mixing equipment,which are suitable for resins, rubber, food, pharmaceutical,

adhesives,powder and other production.Vertical ribon blender is a kind of powder mixing equipment.

JCT ribon blender

The vertical ribon blender can be known as conical mixer,as a vertical ribon blender  manufacturer in China,we can design the capacity of vertical ribon blender from 50L to 5000L,Mixing time is between 15 and 60 minutes.Drive configuration power is 1.5KW 55KW. equipment material can be 316L, 321,304, carbon steel.

ribon blender

Vertical ribon blender is widely used in chemical industry, pesticide, dyes, food, battery materials, rare earth powder mixing process industry.low-energy mixing effect of the chemical reaction of materials or physical effects have a better adaptability.

JCT ribon blender

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