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Look! The chocolate chemical blenders on sale

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-04-01 11:43:36

blenders on sale

The chocolate chemical blenders is also called planetary mixer, which is a new type of highly efficient, no dead point mixing and mixing equipment, it has a unique, innovative mixing form.The chocolate as a high viscosity food material, and chocolate chemical blenders on sale focus on high viscosity chocolate raw material production.

blender on sale

Chocolate chemical blenders on sale can be designed by JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd. It consists of two or three stirring blazes,and 1 to 2 automatic scraper,Body axis at the same time, but also at different speeds around their own axis of high-speed rotation.

blenders on sale

The traditional chocolate chemical blenders on sale is mostly composed of two low-speed stirring paddle, also known as double chocolate chemical blenders. But with the increase in demand, chocolate chemical blenders also joined the other stirrer, such as various types of scattered blades, emulsifiers and so on. Increased multi-functional applications, expanding the scope of use.

blender on sale

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