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How to used ribbon mixer for powder?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-12-26 11:10:14

used ribbon mixer

How to used ribbon mixer for powder? As a professional ribbon mixer supplier and manufacturer,we manage to provide suitable ribbon mixer with good quality and good service for our clients.It\'s pleased to provide some useful tips for ribbon mixer if you need, in addition, we can customized the ribbon mixer according to your requirement.

ribbon mixer used

used ribbon mixerSelect the ribbon mixer according to the daily output.Ribbon mixer for each batch of material processing time is about 10 minutes,plus the material and feed time, each batch of material processing time can be 15 minutes,1 hour can be continuous processing of 4 batches of material! You can purchase the suitable ribbon used by your production output!

ribbon mixer usedLook at the working principle of the ribbon mixer, the capacity of double ribbon for mixing and mixing in the opposite directions should be basically the same.In order to achieve the ability to push the same material, the inner ribbon with the ribbon pitch should be less than the outer ribbon band, and the width should be greater than the outer ribbon band, otherwise the material will be concentrated in one direction.

used ribbon mixerAccording to design principle, the ribbon between the ribbon mixer and kettle can allow the gap for 4 mm to 10 mm,he material can be used to drive all friction mixed. In addition, the discharge way should be considered, it should be timely communication with suppliers to choose their own form of valve technology, and do not choose the side of the mouth of the material form.

ribbon mixer used

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