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Look! JCT horizontal ribbon mixer for sale with good quality!

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-12-26 10:33:27

ribbon mixer for sale

Look! JCT horizontal ribbon mixer for sale with good quality! JCT horizontal ribbon mixer belongs to a powder mixing equipment, which has a high mixing precision,it\'s suitable for pharmaceutical, chemicals, food, architecture and other area,as a horizontal ribbon mixer, it\'s for sale now, and it can be designed on your requirement.

ribbon mixer

JCT horizontal ribbon mixer for sale with good quality? that is true! we have a strong team who can provide a technique support,so please don\'t worry about the horizontal ribbon mixer technique issues! The horizontal ribbon mixer mainly includes barrel, ribbon agitators, feeding ports, discharging port and driven devices.

ribbon mixer for sale

If you need heating and cooling process requirement,please tell me,we can design the horizontal ribbon mixer into jacket, in addition,all of our ribbon mixer can tolerate about 10% liquid additives! as for contact material, we usually choose stainless steel, it can protect horizontal ribbon mixer from outer damage and corrosion.JCT horizontal ribbon mixer,you best choice!

ribbon mixer

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